FileNameOptions Call Not Working

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FileNameOptions Call Not Working

Post by sbutts » Tue Oct 01 2002

I am using VFP5.0 with version 1.57 of PDF-Converter (Developer Edition) using the fll interface.

When I make a call to FileNameOptions(hPDFPrinter,0) with 0 as the second parameter there is no error until I try to print to the printer. Using 0 as the second parameter should cause the user to be prompted for a file name to save the print results but instead it say 'there has been an error printing, retry or cancel'.

If I set the file name of the file to output to there is no problem.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Post by Joan » Wed Oct 02 2002

The Developer version of the PDF Converter doesn't have a user interface,
this is why you will not be prompted for an output file name.

You need to set the output file name programmatically and you need to set
FileNameOptions to at least 1 (1 for NoPrompt).

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