statement on XP SP2 service pack 2

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statement on XP SP2 service pack 2

Post by searer » Mon Mar 21 2005

Customer is asking if you have a statement that says whether the PDF driver works with service pack 2?
They have version 2.09 installed.


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Post by Igor_Z » Tue Mar 22 2005


my customers have problems with XP Pro. + SP2. During the installation setup process is always on 100% of CPU charge. The only way to finish setup is to kill process. The installation log file said the installation was successful. If I try to run just simple sample code from the SDK I'll get a error. There is no possibility to create simple PDF file ( initialisation of printer driver failed ).

The Version of Amyuni Driver is 2.10i-6

Please I need urgent help cause the customer is very important.


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Post by Joan » Wed Mar 23 2005

Hello Igor,

Version 2.10 needs to be activated before printing to it.

If you are printing programatically you need to activate the printer by calling EnablePrinter(Licensee, ActivationCode).

Licensee and ActivationCode are private code you receive when upgrading to version 2.10 or 2.50.

Our latest relase in the 2.10 series is 2.10i-8 please use this one if you want to use the 2.10 version.

Hope this helps.

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