MergeFiles declaration

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MergeFiles declaration

Post by Kiefer » Mon Jan 13 2003

I can't get the merge function to work with MergeFiles. How should I have the declaration and calling parameters set up? This is what I have:

Declare Function MergeFiles Lib "CDIntf" (File1 As String, File2 As String, File3 As String, ByVal bRepeat As Boolean) As Boolean


Dim MergeOK as Boolean

' At this point I have the 2 pdf files, call then source.pdf and overlay.pdf:

MergeOK = MergeFiles("c:\temp\Overlay.pdf", "c:\temp\Source.pdf", "c:\temp\Source.pdf", False)

' so that the overlay overwrites the original, and there is no repeat. I don't get an error, but MergeOK is always False...

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