Installing on client machines

The Amyuni PDF Converter is our Printer Driver that enables you to convert any documents to PDF format. If you have any questions about installing and using the Amyuni PDF Converter please post them here.
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Installing on client machines

Post by rzymann » Mon Jan 06 2003

We want to use PDF Convertor 2.06 (developer version) to create PDF files from our application. On our developer machines all works perfect: at program start a new driver is created and after termination it's removed again.

For our clients we have created our own setup. We'd like to integrate the files for PDF Convertor into it without any use of the INSTALL.EXE (from Amyuni). The setup copies the cdintf.dll to the application path and registers it, but our application can't create the printer driver.

Of course, we could copy all files indicated in the Distribs.pdf and run INSTALL.EXE, but this would also create a permanent printer driver "Amyuni PDF Converter", what we don't want.

How can we integrate the converter into our own setup routine?


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Post by Joan » Tue Jan 07 2003


All what you need to do is to run the same application running on your development machine on the client machine after copying the needed files mentioned in 'Distribs.pdf' to the same folder from which you are launching your application (or to the application path).

You shouldn't face any problems unless the users of your application under Windows NT / 2000 and XP dont have administrative rights.
Under these operating systems only administrators have the right to install a printer on the sysem. If the users aren't administrators, PDFDriverInit will fail.
In this case, you can either give to the users administrative rights or install the printer permanently on the system.

Hope this helps !

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Installing on client machines

Post by rousej » Wed Jun 11 2003

Has anyone figured out, either programmatically or via Win2K group policies, how to give a user admin rights to run the PDFDriverInit only. We do not want our endusers to have admin rights on their machines, but understand this is required to run the PDFDriverInit in Win2K

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