Printing to Windows Fax Printer

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Printing to Windows Fax Printer

Post by JRH » Tue Dec 14 2004

I'd like to use the Amyuni PDF Converter (CDIntfEx) to fax PDF's using the Windows Fax Server (XP or 2003), without invoking the Send Fax Wizard. If I just use the CDItnfEx.Document.Print method to print to the fax printer, the Send Fax Wizard always appears.

I can use the Fax Service Client API to suppress the Wizard, using either of the following methods:

(1) Pass the PDF file path to the fax service. However, this uses the program registered for the "PDF" file extension for to render the PDF to the fax printer. On most of my customer's systems, this will be the Adobe Reader, which is okay, but I'd prefer to use the Amyuni routine to maintain control over the entire process.

- or -

(2) Print the PDF to a fax printer device context. However, the CDIntfEx.Document.Print method doesn't support using a printer device context. It requires the fax printer name. I'm not aware of how to use CDIntfEx to print a document to another printer device context.

Does anyone know if what I want to do is possible, and if so, how? If not, I guess I'll just settle for using the Adobe Reader to render PDF's to the fax server (method 1).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you - Jack Heath

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