Unable to install Amyuni

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Unable to install Amyuni

Postby aroncox on Wed Jun 13 2018

I have two machines that have been running Amyuni and that just refuse to install The other PCs install and work just fine. These are both Windows 10 x64 PCs, but so are most of the working ones.

The message is "Error Code 2: The system cannot find the file specified".

I have deleted all traces of cdint*.*, acpdf*.*, amyuni.inf from the PCs, rebooted and run the install.exe and am getting this error. I have checked none of the installation files are marked as read-only as per other forum posts. I have tried doing a manual install pointing tot he amyuni.inf, but this failed with the same message.

I can't be 100% sure there isn't a file missing as I no longer have the full install, just the files I copied to a folder many years ago, but many other people have installed without issue.


1. Can I get hold of Amyuni PDF Suite somewhere? So I can be sure I have all the right files. It doesn't appear in my licenced list. We are planning to move to the new version in the second-half of this year.

2. Anyone have any idea what else I can try. I'm supposed to be the Amyuni expert, and not being able to install it is depressing :o)

Thanks for any help!!!!
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Re: Unable to install Amyuni

Postby Jose on Thu Jun 14 2018


I was able to track you down in our customer database and it appears that your company has a up to date product support and maintenance plan for the Amyuni PDF Converter.

One of the many benefits of having an up to date maintenance plan, is the ability to request previous versions of our software.

I sent an email to your company email address with instruction on how to download v5.0.1.9 of the PDF Converter.

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Re: Unable to install Amyuni

Postby aroncox on Thu Jun 14 2018

Thank you, I got the email ans will download it soon ans compare the contents with what I have in my installation folder.
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