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Some suggestions for viewer control

Posted: Thu Aug 23 2007
by PK_
I have some suggestions regarding the viewer control of the PDFCreator

1. It would be great if you could implement a hand to grab the document to scroll up and down (as seen in Adobe Reader)
2. The performance when zooming could be improved
3. There should be an option to change the background color of the viewer (currently defaulted to gray)
4. The size of the slider in the scroll bar should be relative to the total length of the document. For example, when only half the document is shown on screen, the slider should be half the size of the entire scroll bar.

Posted: Fri Aug 24 2007
by Joan

Thank you for posting these comments, I will check them and forward them to the development team.

I will copy this post to 'Your Opinion Counts" Forum, other users are welcome to add their comments.

Please note that the PDF Creator.Net is available only in Developer version, the exe application that comes along with it is only intended to be a sample application on what can be done using the Control.

Posted: Tue Aug 28 2007
by Joan
Hello PK,

(1), (2) and (4) are currently available in version 3 of the PDF Creator both Desktop Edition and Developers' Edition.

You can move the document using the pane mode, the performance when zooming the document was improved and the size of the vertical toolbar is relative to the size of the page if you are in single page view mode and it is relative to the whole document if you are in continuous page mode.

For the ability of changing the control background, I will send this suggestion to our developers.