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What for do you use the PDF Creator End User version?

Posted: Fri Aug 17 2007
by Joan

The first question that came to my mind is about the usage of the PDF Creator End User version.
Are you currently using it? If yes what for? Which features you use out of it? How do you use it?


Posted: Thu Aug 23 2007
by Andy Bantly
Here at StatSoft, Inc. ( we use the developers version of the software.

For my personal use in creating PDF files, I use GhostScript 8.51 (windows) + RedMon. This is a free offering (not for commercial use) that allows you to create a PDF printer and use it just like AMYUni's.

Posted: Tue Aug 28 2007
by Joan
Thank you Andy for your reply.

Andy while here, you can share with us why and how you are using the Developer version of the software if you wish.

Anyone who is using the Desktop Edition or End User version of the PDF Creator would like to share with us how and why theyare using it?
To do what and in which way?