What modifications ...

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What modifications ...

Post by Dany » Fri Aug 05 2005

to my code do I need to make when upgrading to version 2.10 of the driver?

Version 2.10 of the Converter will register CDIntf210.dll on your system instead of Cdintf.dll to avoid conflicts.

If you are using the DLL interface of CDIntf, you need to change the function declarations (replace cdintf.dll by cdintf210.dll).
If you are using the ActiveX interface of Cdintf, you need to add a reference to the new control. And in your application you will need to replace Cdintf by CdintfEx.

Also with the new version of the Driver you will need to activate the PDF Printer before using it. This can be done by calling EnablePrinter with your activation code right after PDFDriverInit and when catching the EnablePre event generated by the driver.

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