PDF flickers if you set some properties

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PDF flickers if you set some properties

Post by Cooperson » Mon Feb 02 2015


I am using the .NET PDF Creator (acPDFCreatorLib.Net.dll and acPDFCreator.Net.dll; Version

If you set one of this property the PDF flickers

.Document.MinimumGap = 0;
.Document.ScaleToWindow = IacScaleType.acScaleHorizontal;
.Document.ZoomFactor = 70;

If you combine some properties, you get flickering for each property. And the function Open(ex) set the ZoomFactor always to the default value (140 %).

Is it possible to prevent flickering or drawing the PDF until the properties are assigned.

I tried the current 5 Version. In this version the ZoomFactor do not change if you call the Open(ex) function; one flicker less.

Best regards

Amyuni Team
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Re: PDF flickers if you set some properties

Post by Jose » Tue Feb 03 2015


I suggest that you look at the AutoRefresh() property of the document object.

In the code snippet below the screen is only refreshed after the object is created. I believe this is what you are looking for.

Code: Select all

private int pdfCreator2_FireMouseUp(object sender, IacEventArgs e)
    endX = e.x;
    endY = e.y;

    //When set to True, the control is refreshed each time a property is modified.

    //do not refresh control
    pdfCreator2.Document.AutoRefresh = false;

    //Create highlight object
    using (Amyuni.PDFCreator.IacObject oPDF = pdfCreator2.Document.GetPage(1).CreateObject(IacObjectType.acObjectTypeHighlight, "ObjectTypeHighlight"))
        oPDF.AttributeByName("Highlight Left").Value = startX;
        oPDF.AttributeByName("Highlight Top").Value = startY;
        oPDF.AttributeByName("Highlight Right").Value = endX;
        oPDF.AttributeByName("Highlight Bottom").Value = endY;  
        oPDF.AttributeByName("BackColor").Value = 192;

    //refresh control     
    pdfCreator2.Document.AutoRefresh = true;
    return 0;

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Re: PDF flickers if you set some properties

Post by Cooperson » Thu Feb 05 2015

Hi Jose,

the property AutoRefresh works fine. Thanks a lot.

best regards

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