Watermarks for .NET assembly

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Watermarks for .NET assembly

Post by BWCDawg » Wed Oct 15 2008

I am evaluating Amyuni for a project my company is working on. I have version 3.0.1 of CDIntfNet300.dll. I noticed there is a SetWatermark method in the .net assembly, but when I try to use it, it always seems to return a 1 and does not work. Is this method implemented in the .net assembly, or do i need to revert to one of the other assemblies?

Here is a section of the code I am using if this helps:

// Enable the printer before each printout for the Developer version
cdiNet.EnablePrinter(licensedTo, activationCode);
// Set the output pdf file name
cdiNet.DefaultFileName = @"c:\wtest.pdf";
cdiNet.FileNameOptions = (NoPrompt + UseFileName + PrintWatermark);
int test = cdiNet.SetWatermark("watermark", "Verdana", 36, 0, System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.ToWin32(System.Drawing.Color.Yellow), 0, 0, true);


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