ShellExecute with "printto" verb crashes Excel

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ShellExecute with "printto" verb crashes Excel

Post by trumpetinc » Mon Jul 28 2003

We are currently evaluating PDF Converter/Developer and have run into a very odd problem using ShellExecute with the "printto" verb to convert Excel documents into PDF.

If Excel is open already, then we have no problem.

If Excel is NOT open, then the ShellExecute command opens a temporary Excel session, issues the print command and then closes Excel. The problem is that when we do this with the Amyuni print driver, Excel crashes about 80% of the time (with a Dr. Watson error, etc...).

All other PDF print drivers that we are evaluating work perfectly.

All other applications (i.e. MS Word, TextPad, etc...) work perfectly with the Amyuni driver.

Can anyone give me any input as to what might be going on?

Thanks in advance,


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