Print Dialog appears when attempting to use BatchConvertEx()

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Print Dialog appears when attempting to use BatchConvertEx()

Post by jreesman » Wed Jul 23 2003

I am in the process of evaluating PDF Converter 2.1 Developer for use in a product. I have been writing some simple C++ code to exercise the code and I'm having problems with BatchConvertEx().

1. Trouble linking: the method signature in CDintf210.h is wrong (I've worked around this by pulling the declaration out of the extern "C" {} block and by changing the filename type to LPSTR). These changes let me link my program.

2. Print dialog pops-up: soon after calling BatchConvertEx() a print dialog appears. Clicking on the "Print" button closes the dialog and the program continues. I call SetfileNameOption() with "NoPrompt" prior to calling BatchConvertEx(). I call EnablePrinter() after SetFileName() and before BatchConvertEx().

3. The function doesn't produce output: processing a directory w/ one HTML file takes a long time to complete and there doesn't appear to be any output (although I have called SetDefaultDirectory()).

I would be most grateful for any troubleshooting tips. Thanks.

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