ThumbnailView control scroll issue

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ThumbnailView control scroll issue

Post by armandsmit » Wed Jun 11 2008


I'm using a ThumbnailView control in my WinForms app. It's linked to a PDFViewer control via its PDF property. My thumbnails generate correctly and on my ThumbnailView's _PageSelected event I navigate my viewer control by using "pdfViewer.Document.GetPage(e.Page).Activate();"
This works fine and my viewer displays the correct page. The issue I am experiencing though is that as soon as I click a thumbnail the ThumbnailViewer control scroll right back to the top page.
This is an irritating "glitch" when the ThumbnailView control contains a large number of pages.

Am I using the incorrect method to navigate my Viewer, or is there a way to scroll the correct thumbnail back into view?

Thanks in advance.
Armand Smit

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Re: ThumbnailView control scroll issue

Post by Joan » Fri Jun 13 2008

Dear Armand,

You are using the ThumbnailView's _PageSelected event to set the current page in the PDFViewer. Instead of the ThumbnailView's _PageSelected event please move the code from that event to the event ThumbnailView's _PageActivated instead.
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