ExportToJPEG Method

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ExportToJPEG Method

Post by mknoppik » Tue Dec 11 2007

Hello Pdf Community,

at time I try/use the PDF Creator .NET Developer version 3.0 ActiveX-Com and DLL as trial version!

The last feature I need is the "ExportToJPEG"-Method from the "IacDocument" Object. But the Method does not work. .... I think!

I try to use the method with various parameters and PDF files, but the result is always "False".

This is the last code-snippet from my program.

Code: Select all

System.IO.FileStream file1 = new System.IO.FileStream( "Dokument_V01.pdf", FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read );

this.pdfCreator1.Document.Open( file1, "" );

this.pdfCreator1.Document.OptimizeDocument( 0 );
bool res= this.pdfCreator1.Document.ExportToJPeg( "dokument.jpg", 300, 7 ); 

MessageBox.Show( res.ToString() );
If anyone have an idea why I get always a false and no jpeg files?

If you need any further information ... ask ;).


PS: Sry for my "I think" bad english .... I hope you understand what I need and mean!

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Post by Joan » Wed Dec 12 2007


Your English is fine, I guess I got it :-)

The PDF Creator doesn't exist in DLL. It exists in an ActiveX version and a .Net version.

1 - Please add a call to SetLicenseKey() before calling ExportToJpeg().

2 - If this didn't help, please try opening and exporting a different PDF file, maybe a file generated by the PDF Creator, to eliminate the possibility of something being wrong with the PDF you are trying to Export to Jpeg.

3 - If the above didn't help please download the latest version 3.02 of our PDF Creator or contact support@amyuni.com

Please note that I am assuming that your activation code supports Exporting documents to Jpeg, you can verify this by sending your activation code and licensee name or the install.ini file that was created when you installed the product to support@amyuni.com

Hope this Helps.
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