[PDF Converter]CaptureEvents hangs the printing

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[PDF Converter]CaptureEvents hangs the printing

Post by pmeems » Wed Jul 25 2007

I'm trying to build a C# application to convert a MS Word doc into a PDF.
I'm trying to handle the events:

Code: Select all

                cdiNet.EnabledPre += new eveEnabledPre(cdiNet_EnabledPre);
                cdiNet.StartDocPre += new eveStartDocPre(cdiNet_StartDocPre);
                cdiNet.StartDocPost += new eveStartDocPost(cdiNet_StartDocPost);
                cdiNet.StartPage += new eveStartPage(cdiNet_StartPage);
                cdiNet.EndPage += new eveEndPage(cdiNet_EndPage);
                cdiNet.EndDocPre += new eveEndDocPre(cdiNet_EndDocPre);
                cdiNet.EndDocPost += new eveEndDocPost(cdiNet_EndDocPost);
But nothing happens.
When I set CaptureEvents to True my applications stalls (hangs) at the printOut command of MS Word.
I need the handle the events because I must know when the pdf is finished so I can close my Word doc again.

So please help me, I'm desperate :cry:


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Post by Joan » Fri Aug 10 2007

Hello Paul,

Did you add SetBraodcastMessages to your call of SetFileNameOptions?

Which version of the PDF Converter are you using?

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