PDFCreator 3.0 - Hyperlink Creation Bug

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PDFCreator 3.0 - Hyperlink Creation Bug

Post by skelly » Wed Mar 21 2007


When trying to add a Hyperlink to an IACObjectTypeFrame or TypeText, if I try and add a link such as "file:\\\C:/myPDF.pdf", the Hyperlink is created just fine. Likewise, if I create one like "C:/myPDF.pdf", the Hyperlink is also created as is.

Additionally, creating a Hyperlink like "www.mywebsite.com/subdir" creates the link, but adds the "http://" to the front of the link (this is the behavior that i believe is causing my actual problem, below)

However, when I attempt to create a link such as "<a name = "myanchor"></a>", the string "file:///C|/" is appended to the front, much like the "http://" was appended to the front of my "www" string.

This is causing a problem, because it's treating any hyperlink value that doesn't begin with certain string sequences as being a reference to something on the local file system, and trying to "correct" my "mistake" of leaving out the "file:///" part of the string.

How can I disable this functionality? Any / All help greatly appreciated

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