Creating highlight programmatically

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Creating highlight programmatically

Post by beandog » Mon Mar 20 2006

As per the documentation, I tried doing the following:

PDF.CreateObject(CPDFCreactiveX::acObjectTypeHighlight, "HighlighterTest1");
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Left", COleVariant(200L));
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Top", COleVariant(200L));
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Right", COleVariant(600L));
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Bottom", COleVariant(400L));
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "BackColor", COleVariant(CString("7FFFFF")));

This creates a highlight object, as far as I can tell, but it is not displayed correctly. It is not the specified color, but is instead white (transparent?). Anyway, simply changing the object type from Highlight to Text creates a rectangular textbox of the correct color at the correct location. So it's something specific to the highlight object. What am I missing?

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Post by Joan » Tue May 08 2007


Please use this code instead:

Code: Select all

PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Highlight Left", COleVariant(200L)); 
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Highlight Top", COleVariant
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Highlight Right", COleVariant
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "Highlight Bottom", COleVariant
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "BackColor", COleVariant(CString);
PDF.put_ObjectAttribute("HighlighterTest1", "BackColor", COleVariant(CString("7FFFFF"))); 

Hope this helps

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