PDF Converter - PDF from many print jobs to 1 PDF file

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PDF Converter - PDF from many print jobs to 1 PDF file

Postby Andy Bantly on Wed Aug 10 2005

I would like to see the PDF converter be able to handle combining the output from many print jobs into 1 PDF file. This functionality is partially doable using concatenation. However concatenation is not a good solution for recombining 100 documents. Imagine that this is similar to a cancerous bubble sort as far as performance goes. The more concatenations, the slower the performance combining the next document.
Andy Bantly
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Postby Joan on Mon Aug 29 2005


I don't see how you can direct many print jobs to one pdf file if not through concatenation.

You can choose to concatenate the pdf files while being generated or after they are generated, does both method don't help?
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