PDF Creator - 2 Enhancements

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PDF Creator - 2 Enhancements

Postby mcmullank on Fri Jun 10 2005

1. Zoom to Fit
Would it be possible to include a property that would automatically change the size of the page dependant on the size of the control. This would allow you to set the property to true and not have to work out the zoom factor constantly.

2. Retain Settings
When opening a PDF file by using the open or openex methods, the current zoom factor is lost. Can this be changed so that the control value is persistant when opening documents.
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Postby beandog on Wed Feb 22 2006

The ScaleToWindow property on the PDF control gives you the option of automatically zooming to page width, height, or both. As for saving the zoom settings, I wound up doing that myself in the registry (saving both ZoomFactor and ScaleToWindow).
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