silent installation of PDF Converter and user interaction

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silent installation of PDF Converter and user interaction

Post by avay » Sun Aug 08 2004

I want to use a silent installation of PDF Converter during installtion
of My program of VB6 with Microsoft PDW and tuning of the setup1.exe
I use the line :

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Shell gstrDestDir & "\Install.exe", vbHide
when gstrDestDir is the destination directory
and Install.exe is the install program for the PDF Converter
When I have Install.ini file with the necceseray parameters in the same directory.
I want the user to have a message box saying: "Please wait..."
How do i know how much time to display this message?
Is there a way to know that the install proccess is done
before I leave the setup1.exe program?

Avi Cohen
A.D.V. Ltd.

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Post by Igor_Z » Wed Aug 11 2004


you can use: WatiForSingleObject

Look here


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