Programatically controlling cells and columns in a table

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Programatically controlling cells and columns in a table

Post by mahpet » Wed Dec 18 2002

I'm going mad trying to control the cells of a table programatically from VB. There seems to be no way to specify a cells height, only it's width. Yet in the UI for the PDFCreactiveDoc.exe application it is plainly possible. This is just one of the problems I have in manipulating cells/rows/columns/tables. Why is the exposed interface so difficult to work with (IE an object model would actually be useful & if I had the time for my current application I'd write a wrapper object model to get away from having to refere to each object by name - a proper object model would make PDF Creator (AND MY LIFE) a zillion % easier). :x

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Post by Joan » Fri Jan 03 2003


If you upgraded to the latest version of the PDF Creator (1.09) and you are still facing these problems, please contact our support support@amyuni.comwith more details about the issues you are facing so they can check this for the next version of the PDF Creator that we are currently preparing.

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