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Sample Code

Post by toddp » Thu Apr 08 2004

We have a specific need that I'm doing a POC on.. I would appreciate any and all help on this. Due to time constraints I am submitting this request while I continue to develop the POC.

Our requirements:
(We have RTF files stored in a database, This means we do not have physical .RTF files on the server to merge.)
1) Contatenate any given number of these files into on RTF file that will again be stored in the Database.
2) Convert this merged RTF blob into a PDF that will be stored in the DB.

I have downloaded the PDF suite.

Same code would be perfect. I would like to do a quick POC in ASP but I could also do it in VB dll used by ASP.


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Post by Joan » Tue Apr 13 2004


To do what you are looking for you need the Document Converter (PDF + RTF drivers).

You can then print your RTF files directly to the PDF Printer and append them, you will end up by 1 pdf file generated from all your documents and you can then convert this pdf file to RTF.

I am not sure how you database is designed, but if you are able to print your documents from the database to a physical printer than you would be able to print them to the our printer. Our Converters work like any other printer on your system, you may open your RTF files in Word and print them.
We have a function called BatchConvert, it converts in Batch mode a bunch of files stored in one folder on your system, i am not sure if this function will work for you.

The sample codes that I can post here will open a file stored on disk and print it to the PDF Printer to generate a pdf file and an rtf file. I am not sure if this would help you, please specify how you do print your rtf documents in general so I can post the right sample code for you.

If you need to print your RTF files as a stream directly from memory please send your request to our Technical Support Department and we will help you.


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