Error - There was problem reading this document (14)

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Error - There was problem reading this document (14)

Post by kamleshvgujarathi » Fri Jan 09 2004

Hello Friends,

I have problem while Open New pdf which is created by code

I am Using XP Operating System and I am using following VB code for creating file. I have insert data in text fields of the PDF by this Code

Code: Select all

Dim bResult As Boolean
Dim objarray As Variant
bResult = PDF1.OpenEx("E:\f4868.pdf", "")
If (bResult = False) Then
    MsgBox "Can not open PDF Document"
End If
PDF1.ReportState = acReportStateDesign
objarray = PDF1.ObjectAttribute("Pages[1]", "Objects")
For Each obj In objarray
   If obj.Attribute("ObjectType") = 6 Then
      obj.Attribute("TextColor") = vbRed
      obj.Attribute("Value") = obj.Attribute("Name")
   End If
PDF1.Save "e:\test.pdf", acFileSaveAll
But when I open test.pdf then it gives me error.
And error is.

"There was an error opening this document. There was problem reading this document (14)"

So Please Help ASAP for Why I am getting this error.

Kamlesh Gujarathi

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Fri Jan 09 2004


Is the file "f4868.pdf" generated by our driver?

If not than please send this file to to check it.

If "f4868.pdf" is generated by our driver than try our latest version from:


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