Unprotect a pdf file ?

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Unprotect a pdf file ?

Postby NilsLaumaille on Fri Dec 19 2003

I have realized a little program in VB that is doing several things as encrypting a pdf file (Note : I have the professionnal version of pdfconverter).
For a specific reason I have to be abble to unprotect a pdf file that I have previously crypted but I just can't code it ! How can I do that ? :?:

For the moment I can open the encrypted pdf file, change the passwords (by setting them at null using "") and change the properties of encryptions (by enabling all rights on the pdf file). When it is done, I just save the file by when I'm opening it, I can always see the little key indicating that the file is encrypted.

Do you have an idea ?

thanks a lot.

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Postby Joan on Mon Dec 22 2003


Unfotunately, there is no way to remove the encryption from a pdf file. If you wish please post this in the wish list forum or send an e-mail to support@amyuni.com and our developers will check the feasibility of adding this version to the product.

Best wishes for the holidays!
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Postby cedric on Fri Mar 31 2006

In other way,

Is it possible to change permissions after encrypting one pdf ?

For exemple :
I encrypted a document with no right to print. Can I re-encrypt the same document with print permission ?

Thanks for your help
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Postby Joan on Tue Apr 04 2006


You can try to open the file using the owner password and change the security settings
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