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Post by howc » Tue Nov 05 2002

Finnally I'm able to convert a document into RTF via VC++ with VPEngine. It was much more easier using only VB.

Now I'm using DriverInit, therefore the printer has to be installed.

We don't want to install the printer. We only want to start/stop it from code.
(RTFDriverInit & DriverInit with the demo retrieve only "0", when the printer isn't installed. Both are working with the installed driver.)

Is this possible with the licensed RTFDriverInit?


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Post by Joan » Wed Nov 06 2002


RTFDriverInit may return 0 if you are logging to the system as a 'User' and not 'Administrator'.

Under some operating systems like Winodws NT / 2000/ and XP only Administarors have the right to install a printer on the system. As the RTFDriverInit function installs a printer on the system so it should be called by an administrator.

Re PS: this board is relatevely new and we will definitely add more forums later on.

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