Context Sensitive Menu is not modifiable with Right Click

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Context Sensitive Menu is not modifiable with Right Click

Post by jorgep » Fri Jan 16 2009

I'm embedding PDFCreactivex unto a form (like I'm creating a very simple PDF Editor) and everything seems alright except that when I right click on an object (a text object, for example) the attributes are not modifiable. It looks like all the attributes are locked even though the Locked attribute is not set to True. Moreover, clicking on TextFont attribute and then clicking on the Font Name combo box just drops and closes the font list.

However, selecting that same text object then calling EditProperties method via a push button works alright. I'm not sure what I missed and
I supposed both ways are the same. What's wrong with the right click?

I'm sorry, I can't give code here as my development tool is not language based but is still capable of embedding activex controls the same as any other else.
I'm using PDF Suite 3.02. A sample code that opens a PDF document with PDFCreactiveX and showing how to handle right click would be very much helpful.

Please give some guidance. Thank you.

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Re: Context Sensitive Menu is not modifiable with Right Click

Post by Joan » Fri Jan 16 2009


The end user of your application will not be able to modify the objects inside the Creator control by using a right click, you will need to programatically modify the objects properties.
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