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Postby Joan on Wed Jan 24 2007


We have some questions about FileNameOptions and what are the options we can use. I will include in this post a list of values for FileNameOPtions declared in VBA. You will find the original list on page 22 of our Developers' documention "Common Driver Interface 250.pdf"

Please note that if one is using the ActiveX interface of CDIntf one is advised to use FileNameOptionsEx() and not the old FileNameOptions(), if on is using the DLL interface, one can use SetFileNameOptions().

[code]' options for SetFileNameOptions()/FileNameOptionsEx()

' do not prompt for file name
Public Const NoPrompt = &H1&
' use file name set by SetDefaultFileName else use document name
Public Const UseFileName = &H2&
' concatenate files
Public Const Concatenate = &H4&
' disable page compression
Public Const DisableCompression = &H8&
' embed fonts partially
Public Const EmbedFonts = &H10&
' broadcast PDF events
Public Const BroadcastMessages = &H20&
' add watermark to each page
Public Const PrintWatermark = &H40&
' activate multi-lingual support
Public Const MultilingualSupport = &H80&

Public Const EncryptDocument = &H100& 'encrypt resulting document
Public Const FullEmbed = &H200& 'embed full font
Public Const UseTcpIpServer = &H400& 'send to a tcp/ip server
Public Const SendByEmail = &H800& 'send by email
Public Const LinearizeForWeb = &H8000& 'web optimisation
Public Const PostProcessing = &H10000 'post process file
Public Const JPegLevelLow = &H20000 'Low JPeg compression
Public Const JPegLevelMedium = &H40000 'Medium JPeg compression
Public Const JPegLevelHigh = &H60000 'High JPeg compression
Public Const Colors2GrayScale = &H80000 ' convert colors to gray scale

' automatic hyperlink conversion
Public Const ConvertHyperlinks = &H100000
' embed standard fonts such as Arial, Times, ...
Public Const EmbedStandardFonts = &H200000
'embed fonts requiring a license
Public Const EmbedLicensedFonts = &H400000
' activate 256 color compression
Public Const Color256Compression = &H800000

Public Const SendToCreator = &H2000000 ' page by page option
Public Const HTMLExport = &H4000000 ' export in html format
Public Const RTFExport = &H8000000 ' export in rtf format
Public Const JPEGExport = &H10000000 ' export in jpeg format

' activate CCITT compression
Public Const CCITTCompression = &H20000000
' encrypt resulting document by 128 bits encryption
Public Const EncryptDocument128 = &H40000000
' activate automatic image compression
Public Const AutoCompression = &H80000000

Hope this post will be helpful

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