Installation on Win98

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Installation on Win98

Postby iter on Wed Nov 29 2006


could you please tell me what are the prerequisites for deploying the pdfcreativex.dll and cdintf.dll on a Win98 PC? We are using their ActiveX Interface so when i try to register them, either manually or with our application's setup, i get the following registration failure messages:

LoadLibrary("C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\CDINTF251.DLL") failed.
GetLastError returns 0x0000001f

GetLastError returns 0x00000485

I tried this on Win98 Version 4.10.1998
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Postby iter on Thu Nov 30 2006

I managed to overcome the problem by installing Internet Explorer 5.5
Obviously it adds the required system files. Now i have another problem.
When i place a creator control on a form and call the .Show() method i get the following error:

Run-time error '7'
Out of memory

Here is some sample code that generates the problem.

I create a Public Sub called Init in a form and place the following code

Public Sub init()
MsgBox "Before Calling"
MsgBox "After Calling"
End Sub

When i call the form.init() sub it shows the first messagebox but then it generates the run-time error specified above. Same thing happens when i call directly then form.Show() method

This only happens on Win98.
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Postby Jose on Thu Nov 30 2006


The scenario you have described is very similar to what occurs on a win9X
system which is missing the "Unicows.dll".

This DLL which is part of the Microsoft Unicode Layer for Windows 98 and is
provided by Microsoft is required to be on the system. If it is missing, it
produces results like what you are encountering.

You can download it from the link below: ... laylang=en

Hope this helps?
Amyuni Team
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Postby iter on Fri Dec 01 2006

Thank you for the reply.

It works fine now.
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