Evaluation version of Document Converter Suite

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Evaluation version of Document Converter Suite

Postby Krystyna on Tue May 09 2006

I successfuly created a sample pdf file with evaluation version of Document Converter Suite,
but when I try to generate other file formats I'm still getting pdf files,
only with diffrent file extensions.
What I'm missing?

Source code:
Const NoPrompt As Long = 1
Const UseFileName As Long = 2
Const ExportToHTML As Long = &H4000000
Const ExportToRTF As Long = &H8000000
Const ExportToJPEG As Long = &H10000000
Dim demoPrinter As CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx
Set demoPrinter = New CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx
demoPrinter.DriverInit "Amyuni Document Converter"
demoPrinter.PaperSize = vbPRPSLegal
demoPrinter.Orientation = vbPRORPortrait ' portrait
demoPrinter.DefaultDirectory = "c:\"
If Option1(0).Value = True Then 'pdf
demoPrinter.DefaultFileName = "c:\test.pdf"
demoPrinter.FileNameOptionsEx = NoPrompt + UseFileName
ElseIf Option1(1).Value = True Then'tiff
demoPrinter.DefaultFileName = "c:\test.tif"
demoPrinter.FileNameOptionsEx = ExportToJPEG + NoPrompt + UseFileName
ElseIf Option1(2).Value = True Then'rtf
demoPrinter.DefaultFileName = "c:\test.rtf"
demoPrinter.FileNameOptionsEx = ExportToRTF + NoPrompt + UseFileName
ElseIf Option1(3).Value = True Then'html
demoPrinter.DefaultFileName = "c:\test.htm"
demoPrinter.FileNameOptionsEx = ExportToHTML + NoPrompt + UseFileName
End If
demoPrinter.EnablePrinter "Converter Evaluation Developer", _
Printer.Print "testing"
demoPrinter.FileNameOptions = 0
Set demoPrinter = Nothing
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Postby Joan on Wed May 10 2006


In your case the output file name should always have a .pdf extension, when you add an export option two files will be generated instead of one a .pdf and a .html by example.

hope this helps.
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problem solved

Postby Krystyna on Wed May 10 2006

I have full version of Amyuni PDF Converter developer version installed on the same computer and after installing a new demo driver with a new version somehow my test program still was invoking full Version of PDF Converter even program was referencing new driver with a diffrent name and was passing an evaluation license key. After uninstalling driver and rebooting computer I'm getting evaluation box, evaluation watermark and other files then pdf.
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Postby Joan on Fri May 12 2006


Did you check that the demo driver is completely unistalled. Aslo are you sure that the release version you have and the demo version you installed install each a different driver?
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