Multiple Activations in Terminal Server

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Multiple Activations in Terminal Server

Postby DarylBlowes on Sun Mar 12 2006

I have an application we are trying to integrate the PDF Converter with and the application has to be able to run on Terminal Server. When our application starts we are thinking that we would start monitoring the printer (i.e. DriverInit, EnablePrinter and wait for events). When the user will print to our printer our application will popup with a dialog asking the user what to do.

My question is how will Terminal Server or Citrix environment effect this if multiple users are running our application simultaneously? Can DriverInit and EnablePrinter be called multiple times from different user sessions? When someone prints a document will the events fire on all user sessions or just the user session that was printing?
Will we have to use your Locking functions? If yes, what will happen to the other users printing while the printer is locked?

Thanks in advance.
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