Invisible text in saved document

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Invisible text in saved document

Post by lewshouse »


I am new to Amyuni, but have managed to muddle through with the exception of a problem I have when saving a document.

When I save some of the text in the saved document is invisible. I have viewed the save document in both Acrobat and Amyuni and it is the same (in acrobat it recognises the text is there and allows me to do web searches on it).

The code I use for saving is:

cdReport.CancelError = True
cdReport.FileName = mstrReportTitle & ".pdf"
cdReport.Filter = "PDF File (*.pdf)|*.pdf"
cdReport.DefaultExt = ".pdf"
cdReport.Flags = cdlOFNOverwritePrompt
' Display the Save dialog box.
strFileName = cdReport.FileName

PDFReport.Save strFileName, acFileSaveView

I have also tried saving the document using SavePage, but get the same results.

For your information I am using version 1.5 of your product.

Can you help me?
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Post by Joan »


Version 1.5 is a little bit old, I advise you to try our latest version 2.0, you can download the new version from our site

I didn't know why you are using two objects cdReport and PDFReport. I can see that PDFReport is the PDF Creator object you are using but what is cdReport?

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