BatchConvert problem

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BatchConvert problem

Post by systweakamol » Mon Oct 03 2005


I want to use BatchConvert and convert a html file to pdf.
for that i wrote
Dim pdf As New CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx
pdf.DriverInit ("Amyuni Document Converter")
pdf.EnablePrinter "", ""
NoPrompt = 1
pdf.FileNameOptionsEx = 1 + 2
pdf.DefaultFileName = "c:\newconvert.pdf"
ConfirmOverwrite = 4096
bln = pdf.BatchConvert("C:\Other Products.html")
If bln = True Then MsgBox "Successful"
pdf.FileNameOptions = 0

What i want that a converted file should be created on a specific path and no print dialog should be shown to the user. And more this when i select a printer from the dialog it shows me message, printer not activated whats the problem
please help me out.

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