SendSmtpMail errors

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SendSmtpMail errors

Post by matrix » Thu Aug 18 2005

I am using a demo version of Amyuni PDF Creator v 2.0
I have a Licence-"Suite Evaluation Developer"

I am not able to find any information about, how to send a email through
Amyuni PDF Creator v 2.0. The manuals provided with the product does
not contain any information about this.
Currently I am using VB as my development platform.

I have used SendSmtpMail function but returns -13,-14,-15 code errors
here to find there help.

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Mon Aug 29 2005


No, you can not send a pdf file by e-mail using the PDF Creator, this is feasible using the PDF Converter.

The functions SendMail (uses MAPI) and SendSmtpMail (uses Smtp) are available through the CDIntf interface of the PDF Converter.

Hope this helps.

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