2.1 to 2.5 Converter upgrade issue

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2.1 to 2.5 Converter upgrade issue

Post by Almon » Tue Aug 09 2005

We're testing with developer version 2.50d-1.

We're generating pdf's of CAD-CAM like documents from custom software. We're finding that once we upgrade, the driver cannot handle our most graphically complex documents anymore. Our code was not changed except for the updates necessary to enable the driver.

Any experience with this type of problem?

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Post by Jose » Mon Aug 15 2005


In order to narrow down what is causing this issue, I suggest that you send support@amyuni.com a couple examples of the PDF documents you are generating.

You should sent us a properly generated document from version 2.10 and one that illustrates the issue with version 2.50 of the Converter.

Hope this helps

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