How to use acPDFCrExt.dll?

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How to use acPDFCrExt.dll?

Post by PDFred » Wed Jul 27 2005

I am evaluating PDF Creator for inclusion in a VB6 application. The PDFCreativeX control looks good and works great, but I would also like to use acBookmarkCtrl and acThumbnailCtrl (from acPDFCrExt.dll). They are not covered in the "PDF Creator Developer Manual.pdf" supplied with the demo and I am unable to do anything with them. Some documentation or a snippet of code would help a lot. Thanks.

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Post by Joan » Thu Jul 28 2005


It seems you have an old version of the PDF Creator manual.

Please get our latest manual available with version 2.0 of the PDF Creator. You will find a whole section on using bookmarks programmatically, this section starts at page 132.

Concerning thumbnails, these were added lately to the PDF Creator, we still don't have a sample we can post in the forum, you can send an e-mail to to get more information on using thumbnails.

Hope this helps.

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