Watermark in Eval version

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Watermark in Eval version

Post by whoit » Wed Jul 20 2005

Can I correctly assume that you cannot print a watermark with the Eval version of Converter since you automatically insert your eval watermark?

How can I test this feature?

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Post by Joan » Fri Jul 22 2005


You can add your own watermak to a pdf file even if you are using the demo version. The generated pdf will have two watermarks: The demo one and the one you added.

To add a watermark to a pdf file programmatically, you need to add the 'Add Watermark' flag to FileNameOptions and then call SetWatermark.

I will post here a sample VB code on adding a watermark to a pdf file.

Code: Select all

Private Sub Command2_Click()

Set pdf = New CDIntfEx.CDIntfEx

' here is the definition of the watermark parameters

   Const Watermark = "T h i s  i s  a  W a t e r M a r k"
   Const FontName = "Arial"
   Const fontSize = 36
   Const Orientation = 450
   Const color = 192   '16711935
   Const HorzPos = 100
   Const VertPos = -100
   Const Foreground = True

  pdf.DriverInit "Amyuni PDF Converter"
  pdf.EnablePrinter "LicenseTo", "ActivationCode"
  pdf.FileNameOptionsEx = NoPropmt + UseFileName + AddWatermark
    pdf.SetWatermark Watermark, FontName, fontSize, Orientation, color, HorzPos, VertPos, Foreground
    'printing goes here

End Sub
Hope this helps.

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