Problem with Simple Print Job

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Problem with Simple Print Job

Post by whoit » Tue Jul 19 2005

I have been experimenting with the printer driver and have found that some code that worked earlier today no longer produces a pdf file.

Can someone please let me know why this might occur?
I see a printjob go to my printer queue with only the Doc Name, Owner and Submitted fields filled in, but no PDF file is produced.
Earlier today it worked.

This is the code:

Code: Select all

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Dim tmpPrinter As Printer
With cdi
    .DriverInit "CoastalPrinter"
    ' First time activation of printer
    .EnablePrinter "Evaluation Version Developer Pro", "07EFCDAB010001001A62D63A7A374ADFC98E5C771E417CBCF622CE145AA431E6CCCF852963C57AE96ECB09167E3050FEC9FA4879FFEB40E4087C394B8B5FB0A19A8C3A1F5877ECDC2876FA965C7E3593F42639234E76372F9D0BCC451E3EC35A34CD77B5A61C16FEE831CFF46D3AEDE4CCCC58AEBAFF2A"
    .CaptureEvents True
    .DefaultDirectory = "C:\temp\sample\pdfs\"
    .PaperSize = 3
    .Orientation = 2
    .Resolution = 300
    .FileNameOptionsEx = &H1 + &H2 + &H20 + &H100000 ' NoPrompt + UseFileName + BroadcastMessages + Hyperlinks
    .DefaultFileName = "test.pdf"
End With

For Each tmprinter In Printers
    If tmprinter.DeviceName = "CoastalPrinter" Then
        Set Printer = tmprinter
        Exit For
    End If
Next tmprinter

Printer.Print "HELLO WORLD"
End Sub

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Wed Jul 20 2005


Please call DefaultFileName as follows:

.DefaultFileName = "C:\Temp\test.pdf"

Hope this helps.

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Post by whoit » Wed Jul 20 2005

Thanks - that worked.

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