EndDocPost not fired when large html print finished

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EndDocPost not fired when large html print finished

Post by Benny » Thu Mar 03 2005


Im using developer version 2.5.
Print printing large html files to my pdf writer the EndDocPost event is never fired in the cdintf250.dll activeX.
When printing other large files and small html it works ok.

I have made a circumvention by using the EndDocPre instead. This event is fired.

I have 2 questions:

1: Has anyone else experience like mine about large html files.
2: What is the difference between the EndDocPost and the EndDocPre events and can I rely on the EndDocPre instead of EndDocPost

Kind regards, Benny

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Fri Mar 04 2005


EndDocPre is fired before EndDoc is handled while EndDocPost is fired after EndDoc is handled.

Depending on why you need to intercept the event you may use EndDocPre instead of EndDocPost.

But this is not a solution, I suggest that you contact our Support Department support@amyuni.com along with your sample application and sample document to check why the EndDocPost is not fired.

Have a nice day.

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