Acrobat error saving Amunyi generated PDF

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Acrobat error saving Amunyi generated PDF

Post by RAJMAN » Tue Feb 08 2005

We have a VB6 app that uses the creator and converter to generate a PDF document. When this PDF is edited in Adobe Acrobat and we try to save it, the following error message is generated:

"The document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (135)"

Any ideas?

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Post by Joan » Thu Feb 10 2005


Which version of the PDF Converter and PDF Creator are you using?

If you try to edit the pdf file using the PDF Creator and save it, will you get any error message?

If you have old versions of the Converter and Creator I advise you to try our latest releases (Converter 2.50 and Creator 2.0). Otherwise please send us the file you are trying to edit to so we can check it.


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