Converting RTF to PDF?

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Anders R
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Converting RTF to PDF?

Post by Anders R » Fri Jan 03 2003


We are running a 3-tier application.
The client is PowerBuilder v7.0.3 Build 10077
The application server is Jaguar v3.6.1 Build 36105
DBMS: Sybase ASE 11.9.2

In the application we use a Rich Text control to write letters. These
letters can be saved to the database as a "text" datatype.

What we want is to retrieve a letter from the database and then convert it
to a PDF file so that we can link to the file over the internet.
I assume that the format of the data in the database is Rich Text (RTF), so
I guess we need to convert from RTF to PDF().

Is this possible with any of the Amyuni products?

Any help is appreciated

Anders R

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Tue Jan 07 2003


You can use our PDF Converter. It can be used as any printer driver installed on your system.

You can print the content of the Rich Text Control to the PDF Printer to get a pdf file.

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Post by dclayton » Wed Apr 16 2003

You are running a really old version of EAServer, and it was not the most stable in the world. I recommend:

Jaguar CTS - Component Transaction Server/Version 3.6.1 (Build 36114)

While I'm not sure how Jag will like running the Rich Text DataWindow, this may work well and it may blow sky high. The RT datawindow is a very different animal from the rest of the PB dw types.

Joan is right, you should be able to print the RT DW to Amyuni just fine.

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