Can anyone give me a sample code to Open and to get value

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Can anyone give me a sample code to Open and to get value

Post by sureshk3 » Thu Jan 08 2004

Hi ,
Iam trying to Evaluate the PDF Creator product and the following is what I did inorder to see the PDF on the Control.

In the Developer manual , it does not have information about the open , openex methods and also Iam not sure what the Return Values should be if its successful or not.

My other question is, where can I find the constant values for the attributes for ex, Reportstate attribute, its of type ReportStateConstants.

I just want to get Started, Looking forward to you guys,

Int li_oleret
Oleobject lole_pdf
Boolean lb_bool

lole_pdf = Create Oleobject

li_oleret = lole_pdf.ConnectToNewObject("PDFCreactiveX.PDFCreactiveX")

lole_pdf.SetLicenseKey("Suite Evaluation Version","07EFCDAB010001001DB5BDE69824C760E4DFC8F69516B8E88246C496DA67FA90D447CE8B1BEFC7EDF6DC0B7029903DEA9970304D24B61D2AA3A72E0300C0C90EB051EE3FDBAC800A3B64A5A21895BF78AC9485")

li_oleret ="c:\noa.pdf","")
messagebox('li_oleret ',li_oleret )

Thanks in Advance

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Fri Jan 09 2004


Concerning the Open method, it returns True in case of Success and False in case of failure. You will find information about this method on page 33 of the Developers' manual.

Concerning the constant values of the attributes, they are not documented for all the attributes. They are documented only when needed, in some cases like acReportState, you need to use "acReportStateRun", you don't need its constant value. For more information please check the 'value' column in table on page 10 - 11.

Hope this helps.

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