OLE Documentation for PDF Creator

If you are a Power Builder developer and have any questions about using our products from Power Builder here is the place to post them.
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OLE Documentation for PDF Creator

Post by sureshk3 » Tue Jan 06 2004

Iam trying to Evaluate the PDF Creator product with POwerBuilder but Iam not sure with PDF Creator I will be able to Get the Values Entered in a PDF File from Powerbuilder, basically If I could get the documentation of the OLE Methods and Properties of it. I will have an Idea as to what all this PDF Creator can do.

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Post by Joan » Thu Jan 08 2004


Along with the demo version of the PDF Creator you will receive two manuals: "PDF Creator Developer Manual.pdf" and "PDF Creator User Manual.pdf", please check them, the Developers' manual will give the needed information to use the product from inside your Delphi application.

If you have any specific question while evaluating the product please feel free to send an e-mail to support@amyuni.com


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