Help with Evaluation of Print Converter

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Norm Smith
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Help with Evaluation of Print Converter

Post by Norm Smith » Tue Jun 10 2003


I have downloaded an evaluation version of your print converter so that I can evaluate it with my PowerBuilder application.

I have copied all the runtime files ( acfpdf.dll etc) into my application directory.

I watch the Printers folder as I run the attached code and I can see that the printer gets created, it becomes the default and then disappears. So most of the functionality seems to work, however there is never any output produced.

Can you please tell me what I am missing.

Code: Select all

long 		lv_hPrinter		//	printer handle
string	lv_Msg			//	message String

lv_hPrinter = PDFDriverInit ( "PowerView PDF Converter" )

if lv_hPrinter = 0 then
	MessageBox ( "PdfDriverInit FAILED", "0" )
end if

SetDefaultFileName ( lv_hPrinter, "C:\Temp\AMYUNI1.PDF" )
SetFileNameOptions ( lv_hPrinter, 3 )
SetDefaultConfig   ( lv_hPrinter )

// serial no truncated for the post only.

EnablePrinter ( lv_hPrinter, "Powervision Software Inc.", "07EFC..." )

SetDefaultPrinter ( lv_hPrinter )


SetFileNameOptions ( lv_hPrinter, 0 )
RestoreDefaultPrinter ( lv_hPrinter )

DriverEnd ( lv_hPrinter )
Thanks for your help.
Norm Smith
Norm Smith

Amyuni Team
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Post by Joan » Mon Jun 16 2003


Please try to call EnablePrinter() right after PDFDriverInit and right before the Print command.

Also please double check the the folder Temp effecitvely exists on your system.

Hope this helps. I will move your post to the PowerBuilder Forum.

Norm Smith
Posts: 8
Joined: Wed Apr 23 2003
Location: Calgary, Canada

Post by Norm Smith » Mon Jun 16 2003


I re-downloaded the latest version and everything is working OK. The PowerBuilder code that would not work in the orginal post now works fine.

The only possibility I can think of is that perhaps I did not copy the license string correctly the first time.

Anyway, thanks for your help.
Norm Smith

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