PB Syntax problem?

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PB Syntax problem?

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Hi guys,

I trying to use the GetObjectXY() method, but can't get any usable results. I'm using an existing pdf file for my tests, so I don't know the actual locations of objects, therefore I work my way thrugh the whole page as:

oleobject o
int pWidth, pLength

pWidth = ole_pdfcreactivex.object.PageWidth
pLength = ole_pdfcreactivex.object.PageLength

int ll_x, ll_y

for ll_y = 1 to pWidth step 20
for ll_x = 1 to pLength step 10
o = ole_PDFCreactiveX.object.GetObjectXY(ll_x,ll_y)
if isvalid(o) and not isnull(o) then
ls_text = string(o.Attribute ("Text")) // Exception here. Top, Left, ... works
ls_top = string(o.Attribute ("Top"))
end if


I get an exception when calling Attribute("Text"). If I use the GetObjectByName() method I can access the "Text" attribute. Could anyone please tell me what is going on here. As I feel uncertain on how to convert some VB calls into PB syntax I wonder if that may be the case? Or is it something I have to do before (except applying license key and opening the file) running the loop?


P.S. I'm using PB 11.5, and the latest trial version of PDFCreator (ActiveX)
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