Trail version 4 is not working

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Trail version 4 is not working

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We are planning to use Amyuni pdf converter, But while testing Trail version 4 is not working and trail version 3 is working fine. I am trying with Powerbuilder 9. When I tried to print the pdf directly from word document, it is working fine with version 4 as well. But with Powerbuilder I am getting error in calling external function at DriverInit() line.
Please help.

OutputFile = "C:\test\TEST_DOCUMENT.pdf"
PrinterName = "Amyuni PDF Converter"

pdfobj = create oleobject
pdfobj.DriverInit (PrinterName)
pdfobj.DefaultFileName = OutputFile
pdfobj.FileNameOptions = NoPrompt + UseFileName
pdfobj.FileNameOptions = NoPrompt + UseFileName + Concatenate

// create the new ole object.
WordDoc = create oleobject
WordDoc.application.visible = False
WordDoc.Application.ActivePrinter = PrinterName
WordDoc.ActiveDocument.PrintOut( False )
pdfobj.FileNameOptions = 0
Destroy pdfobj
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Re: Trail version 4 is not working

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The DriverInit function initializes the library for use with an already installed printer. DriverInit cannot install a new printer and will fail if the printer does not already exist.

You need to make sure that the printer that you have specified exists on the system.

Hope that helps.

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