Move to first record in the data windows control

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Move to first record in the data windows control

Post by patricksky » Fri Feb 07 2003

How can i set the cursor of the data windows back to the first record (like the method recordset.movefirst in Visual Basic)?
that's i want the data windows display the first reocrd after clicked a button.

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Post by Joan » Fri Feb 07 2003


Unfortunately, I don't have an answer to your question :( , I hope some PowerBuilder programmers may be able to help.

However, I will check and if I find something I will post it here


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Re: Move to first record in the data windows control

Post by qui » Thu Mar 20 2003

Hello patricksky,

I dont know whether you fix that problem or not? cuz I had just jointed this room :)

To do that, simply you can use to function ScrollToRow(1) or SetRow(1)

Please refer the Help in PB :D

Hope it's helpful

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Post by dclayton » Wed Apr 16 2003

You typically want to call something like the following:

dw_1.insertrow() //inserts the row
dw_1.scrolltorow() //puts the user on the desired row
dw_1.setcolumn() //put the user in the desired column
dw_1.setfocus() //to set Windows' focus to the dw control.

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