Change Web Optimization/Linearization property

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Change Web Optimization/Linearization property

Post by akosko » Mon Jan 06 2003

I use PDF Writer and I use an object to set up and print required document.
I have a problem with setting up a property named Web Optimization/Linearization property. If I check it manually in PDF Writer options it gets reset the very first time through the printing. I would change it directly in my object but I cannot find out how to do it.

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Post by Joan » Tue Jan 07 2003


I guess you mean that you are using the "PDF Converter" and not "PDF Writer". Right?

To set linearization please add 8000 Hexadecimal or 32768 Dec to your call of FileNameOptions.

You may need to replace FileNameOptions by FileNameOptionsEx if you are using the ActiveX interface of CDintf.

Hope this helps.

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