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by omri
Mon Jun 14 2004
Forum: Power Builder Community
Topic: append to ftp server
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append to ftp server

hello there,

I would like to know how can I do append to ftp by using winnet.dll
not by batch with 'ftpappendfile' or 'appendwritefiles',
any other ideas will be a big help.


carpe diem
by omri
Sun Jun 13 2004
Forum: Power Builder Community
Topic: problem with sql statement
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problem with sql statement

hello there, i have a problem with the sql statement, when i want to recive a variable from out side i write(for example): select ........ from ....... where :id and it gives me an argument that used in the select is not defined. plesae help me with that stupid thing . omri carpe diem
by omri
Tue Jun 08 2004
Forum: Power Builder Community
Topic: data window
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data window

Hello there,

I need a little help.

I want to select a number in a data window and when i will click it i want another window to open.
but i cant find the event of mouse selection or somethng similar.
please help me or give a direction,

have a good day ,