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by zavatta
Fri Oct 25 2002
Forum: Amyuni PDF Converter (PDF Printer Driver)
Topic: Word Document
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Word Document

Hi i have a Developer Version of convertor i tried this example Dim cdi As New CDIntf.CDIntf cdi.DriverInit( "Amyuni PDF Converter" ); cdi.SetDefaultPrinter ' Printer needs to be set as default cdi.FileNameOptions = 1 ' NoPrompt, file name generated from Document name cdi.DefaultDirectory = "c:\temp...
by zavatta
Wed Oct 02 2002
Forum: Visual FoxPro Community
Topic: Visual FoxPro 5.0
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Visual FoxPro 5.0

Please i'd like to know if there's any problem or conflict between your PDF Creator and Visual Fox Pro 5.0 (specially with VFP500.DLL)

Thank you :D